Hi, great you’re here!
My name is Robert Moltmaker. I have a passion for nature, conscious travelling, photography and background stories. That is what EarthViews is all about.

This is me in a turtle conservation centre in Brazil. I'm not as small as you might think, the turtle is huge!

This is me in a turtle conservation centre in Brazil. I'm not as small as you might think, the turtle is huge!

What’s here for you?

Stories, travel tips and tricks, images and wall-art:

  • I share images along with short stories. I hope to give you an impression of a place, which may give you a deeper meaning about it. And possibly it may support planning your own adventures!

  • On my blog I share background stories about my (photography) adventures and travels. You’ll learn about distant lifestyles, discover different life-perspectives, and – from time to time – how to have a positive impact on our planet and its communities. I provide tips: about places, organising your adventure and how to plan your photography.

  • Looking for wall-art? Have a look around in my shop. Maybe you’ll find an image you like of a place you’ve visited? By buying my work, you also support nature-conservation projects! So you’ll be double joyful! You'll find out more about this below.

Why I do this?

Why do I have this passion for nature, conscious travelling, photography and background stories? It’s curiosity. There is so much out there, so many perspectives on life. And time flies, so I like to keep discovering. A wise old Jamaican man taught me:

It doesn’t matter how old you are,
but at the moment you stop learning, you’re dead.”

                         – Fitzroy Robertson

So, let’s all be alive and discover as much as we can!

In the Ecuadorian Amazon a shaman teaches me how to shoot an arrow with a blowgun.

In the Ecuadorian Amazon a shaman teaches me how to shoot an arrow with a blowgun.

For me, this road of discovery is all about amazement. And that means learning about the beautiful and the ugly, the picturesque and the repulsive, the good news and the bad news. So here, on EarthViews, it’s about awareness too. Don’t worry, all with a we-can-do-better mentality!

There is a lot of fun to experience and beauty to be discovered. It’s what we all want, isn’t it? Therefore, I’ll go a bit deeper at times when the beauty is threatened. After all, when we are having fun and discovering our world, we find out about interdependency. In our globalised world, decisions made somewhere in the world, have influences on distant ecosystems and places, including the people living there. You also have a lot of influence to improve certain things, more often than you might be aware of. Let’s use that beneficially!

Now all this brings me to my philosophy.

My philosophy

The astonishment that I feel for the natural world and how dependent we are upon it is reflected in my photography and writing.

Mostly, the relationship between humanity and the natural world is a recurring theme in my photography. Sometimes though, I will present to you a ‘scape’, without an obvious relation regarding humanity. It then simply is about the beauty: colour, perspective, shape, light or shadow. Whatever the theme of the photo is, through it I try to awaken a sense of modesty or wonder within the observer. An amazing moment, captured forever, perceived endlessly.

A picture is worth a thousand words. But it doesn’t replace words. The images I create and stories I write complement one another and enhance your ability to understand my experience.

As I am from the Netherlands, I am in the privileged position to travel around the world. It seems that there is no limit to the amazement that the world can offer. But I have also seen how we destroy nature. I have seen people in horrible circumstances: true poverty and human disgrace. And I have walked past all this, with my camera. Therefore, I will give something back through my photography and storytelling and donate 2% of my earnings to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

So, you make a living out of this?

Well, it makes me feel like living very much!
EarthViews is what I do next to my job for the Dutch Animal Protection. I am based in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and my girlfriend Joanne and I travel around the world whenever we see (or create!) the opportunity.

I started travelling extensively when I was twenty years young. I was drawn by the adventure, the unknown. From the first moment, I was hooked. By now, I have lived and worked in foreign countries for longer periods and travelled to many more. Because I developed more and more questions about our world while traveling, I decided to study Political Science - International Relations. That now helps me to understand more of what I discover, which enhances my stories.

Embark on an adventure with me!

Who knows, I might give you some inspiration or new insights! I’m definitely open to learning more myself, and hope you’re interested too. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me any time.

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