Welcome at EarthViews
My name is Robert Moltmaker. I have a passion for nature, conscious travelling, photography and background stories. That is what EarthViews is about.

What’s here for you?

Images, stories and wall-art:

  • I share images along with short stories. I hope to give you an impression of a place, which may give you a deeper meaning or curiosity about it.

  • On my blog I sometimes share background stories about my (photography) adventures and travels. I provide tips on how to plan your photography.

  • Looking for wall-art? Have a look around in my shop. Perhaps you’ll find an image you like of a place you’ve visited? By buying my work, you also support nature-conservation projects.

My philosophy

The astonishment I feel for the natural world and how dependent we are upon it is reflected in my photography.

The relationship between humanity and the natural world is a recurring theme in my photography. Or I present to you a ‘scape’ which simply is about beauty: colour, perspective, shape, light or shadow, and fantasy. I also like to show you what cannot be seen by the eye at one exact moment through long exposures. Whatever the theme of the photo is, through it I try to awaken a sense of modesty or wonder within the observer:

An amazing moment, captured forever, perceived endlessly.

If you have any questions, comments, are looking for a photographer, story, or are interested in (buying) my work please feel free to contact me.

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