Print styles

Fine Art

When you choose for Fine Art, the image is printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Photo Paper. Hahnemühle (established in 1584) is the inventor or Fine Art Inkjet Paper and known for its high quality artist paper. Depending on the print, together with the photo lab I will choose the appropriate type of paper. All papers have different characteristics, but all have the same high quality:
“A premium coating on the original artist papers preserves their haptic exclusiveness and guarantees long-lasting true-to-detail prints that meet the requirements of museums and galleries” (Hahnemühle website).

The paper has been treated to become UV resistant. The print is framed in a high quality Barth frame, accompanied by a passe-partout, ready to put on the wall directly due to the suspension system at the back. The frame contains Barth Larson Juhl Clarity non-reflective glass with 70% UV filtering. The smooth glass surface is simple to clean, with a durable and scratch-resistant coating.

The Fine Art print is put behind a passe-partout, which is why the total frame dimensions are larger than the print sizes. Both dimensions are described when selecting a material and size in the drop-down menu.
The print is hand-signed, on the passe-partout.


When you choose for this type of print, you choose for a high quality print that is put on aluminium. Aluminium is extremely smooth and level. It is stretch and shrink resistant and is often chosen for photo exhibitions. Therefore, it looks like a true object of art. The ink used for the print is UV resistant. The print will be protected by covering it with a foil that protects against scratches and is extra UV resistant. This type of print comes with a suspension system at the back, ready to put on the wall directly.

Aluminium + Acrylate

This is the aluminium deluxe edition print, giving an aluminium print a more optimal protection. When you choose for this type of print, you choose for a high quality print that is put on aluminium and covered with acrylate. Acrylate is a clear high quality plastic sheet with a higher light transmission than glass. Acrylic is UV-resistant and does not discolour. Most important for your day-to-day experience, is that the acrylate gives the image extra depth, causing an almost three-dimensional effect.


When you choose for this type of print, you choose for Hahnemühle Monet Canvas. On the Hahnemühle website it is described as “a heavy cotton canvas with a woven pattern. Its natural white colour is perfect for art reproduction, but also works well for high quality photo printing.” The ink used is UV resistant. The canvas print will be put on a strong wooden frame and comes with a suspension system at the back, so it can be put on the wall directly.




Custom orders

Custom orders are possible too. Print sizes of up to and over 60x120 and 80x120cm are possible. Don’t hesitate to contact me when you have any special wishes.

Still questions? I understand! You want to make the right decision.

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