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Asia has an incredible diversity of climates and landscapes: from the world’s highest snow capped mountain range to tropical impenetrable jungle and pristine beaches. It’s the world’s largest, most populated continent and home to the dawn of civilization. A land of ancient civilizations and spiritual grounds.

Europe is widely perceived as a continent full of cultural exploration. Obviously, the Industrial Revolution took its toll on nature, but Europe has truly unique – natural and human made – landscapes and wilderness too. Although problems remain, nature has also recovered over the last decades, and there are plenty of easy accessible regions to enjoy.

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The Americas comprises North America and South America. As it stretches roughly 14.000 kilometres from North to South, it has a wide variety of climates and landscapes: from freezing Polar Regions to the broiling Tropics. Native Americans left their legacies through the remains of ancient civilizations, but also through their descendants.

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